Hi, I'm Georgie.

New Zealand is home for me, although I'm currently loving life in Boulder, Colorado, where I'm completing my MA in English Literature on a Fulbright Award. After graduation, I will be looking for a job that compliments my experience in literary studies and digital media.

My research is focused on digital scholarship and pedagogy, supplemented with skills learned during a summer course in digital media. I'm looking forward to also learning about digital publishing at the Denver Publishing Institute's 2016 programme. My graduate coursework has been underpinned by classes in the fields of digital poetics, digital humanities, and media archaeology; I am currently working on a project that examines digital literature (specifically web poetry, web fiction, and video games) as pedagogical materials that can bridge the traditional educational concerns of the humanities with the hyper-attentive reading patterns that are increasingly favoured by younger generations. 

Outside of the classroom, I love camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and fly fishing. I am a big fan of sci-fi/fantasy books, sci-fi/fantasy television and film, sci-fi/fantasy comics ... you get the idea. I also tend to collect all sorts of odds and ends, including books, bicycles, backpacks, alarm clocks, and watches.  If you're looking to fill your daily quota of small adventures, find the hidden page on my website for more fun (bizarre?) facts!

Other places I hang out: