Congratulations!! You found the secret page!!!!

Although there is no prize for your extraordinary feat in detective work, feel free to distract yourself from the joys of work or school by viewing some of my favourite online content.


You might want to start off with a smooth little loop from your resident coon sound engineer.

In it for the long haul? This four-part series is great, following Erik and Recep (and Recep's melon) as they take on the Transcontinental race, 3,200 km from London to Istanbul – in just two days.

I watch way too many 'tiny house' videos, and love this one that explores Shaye and Tom 's place in West Auckland. The "Living Big in a Tiny House" channel is fantastic if you want to check out a variety of NZ tiny homes. Vina's tiny trailer home in California is my favourite in design if you want to check that out too,

Need a laugh? Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart are the best types of goofballs, and this video is an absolute winner (and coincidentally, makes for an excellent drinking game).

If you aren't definitively on Team Bieber by now, you aren't living. Spend an hour watching the "PURPOSE: The Movement" short film playlist, starting off with these awesome Kiwi sproglets who rock their socks off in "Children." Shoutout to Parris Goebel for representing as the the most bad-ass choreography wizard on the block.

It's that festive time of year, so why not wrap things up with a spot of single malt scotch whisky beside a crackling fire with Nick Offerman.

Fair is fair, so as a footer (hopefully you haven't made it down this far ... ) I'm including some bizarro facts about yours truly:

  • I'm ridiculously excited to build a mobile tiny house when I return to NZ, which will potentially run off the grid; friends and family have decided that this means that I'm "joining a commune" to do "that hippie dippy sort of sh** like becoming a fruitarian and hosting naked tea parties in the forest."
  • I met Prince Willy when he visited Christchurch in 2011, shaking his hand and congratulating him on his recent engagement. At that moment media snapped a photo of me laughing with about six chins, while it looks like Wills is looking down my top.
  • I spent too much money on a Force FX replica lightsaber (Obi-Wan Kenobi's from RotS), and plan to buy another and get them both professionally reinforced so me and 'all my friends' can duel with them.
  • The background canvas for my website is a photograph that I took at one of my most favourite spots, the cliffs behind our house on Scarborough; the paths are closed off and wildly overgrown due to earthquake slippage, which makes it all the better for us locals to frolic freely with our dogs.
  • Hope you're having a marveybrillofantastical day, and thanks for stopping by!!